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Petitioning the Gubernatorial Candidates

posted Oct 13, 2010, 3:28 PM by Jeremy Hurwitz   [ updated Nov 3, 2010, 7:17 PM ]

[UPDATE: The election may be over, but there's still plenty to do! Please continue to petition Governor-Elect Tom Corbett. Restoring PGSS is a wonderful way for our new governor to prove his dedication to 21st century education.]

With the upcoming election of a new Governor, we have a unique opportunity to get the attention of the two candidates and secure a commitment to restoring PGSE. Please take a moment to write a note and mail or email it to each candidate (feel free to use the content below). Also please pass on this message to other Pennsylvanians who support PGSE so they can add their voice to this worthy cause. 

Tom Corbett:

Dan Onorato:


To the future Governor of Pennsylvania,


            In 2009, Ed Rendell made the decision to cancel the Pennsylvania Governor’s Schools of Excellence. This program annually served approximately 800 of Pennsylvania’s most gifted high school students by providing a free specialized summer educational experience beyond what any public or private school could offer them.  Student selection was merit based, regardless of economic status, and drew students from every part of the state which allowed the best and brightest youth of Pennsylvania to share a unique educational experience.


           The eight Pennsylvania Governor’s School programs included: Arts; Agricultural Sciences; Global Entrepreneurship; Health Care; Information, Society and Technology; International Studies; Sciences; and Teaching.  They were located at universities spread all over the state.  The Pennsylvania Governor's Schools of Excellence have more than 18,000 alumni, including actor Kevin Bacon, (1974); Pulitzer Prize-winning composer Aaron Jay Kernis, (1975); Alice Sebold, ( 1979), author of the critically acclaimed novel, The Lovely Bones; Danah Boyd, (1995) Technology Review's Top 35 Innovators Under 35; and countless doctors, scientists, artists, teachers, and entrepreneurs.  Numerous alumni have attributed their pursuit of higher education and career success to their governor’s school experience.  America needs these types of programs to challenge our best students so they can reach their potential and complete globally.    


           The current state budget has $11.4B in education spending. At approximately $3.2M annually, the program represented less than 0.0003 of the state’s education budget. This is a small price to pay for a premier gifted education program that serves the entire state.  Especially in these tough times we need to invest in the students who will be our future job creators, wealth generators, and creative leaders.


          As a voter and a Pennsylvanian concerned for the future of this state and country, I support reinstatement of the Pennsylvania Governor’s Schools of Excellence.  This is necessary to give the best possible educational opportunities to the most deserving and talented youth in Pennsylvania.  Please publically state your support of the Pennsylvania Governor’s Schools of Excellence and add restoration of this program to your website’s education platform.



      A Pennsylvania voter who supports Governor's Schools