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Alumni Updates

For many of our alumni, the summer they spent at PGSS was life-changing because of the education they gained and the friendships they formed.  For others, lifelong partnerships and commitments grew out of their friendships.  The PGSS Alumni Association would like to congratulate all of the couples below, and celebrate with them.

Abhay Gokhale (PGSS 1994) and Sheela Joshi (PGSS 1994) are married.  They re-connected in 2006 when they both returned to Pittsburgh as doctors.

Rupali Kotwal Doshi (PGSS 1995) and Saumil Doshi (1994) are married. They both attended Brown University and are physicians currently.

Jennifer Lynch and Vikas Vermuri, both class of 2004, are pictured to the right on their wedding day with many of their PGSS classmates. 

Chris Mohl and Jackee Nowicke, both class of 2003, were married in April 2012.  They are both Engineers living in Philadelphia.

Yiying Xu and Shiying Cao met at PGSS 2004.

Anita Vin and Kishan Parikh were members of the PGSS class of 2001, and were married in 2009.

Also from the class of 2001, Benjamin Slavin and Margaret Smitka Slavin are married.  Margaret was a TA in 2004 and 2005, and was a Residence Life Director in 2006. 

Beverly Jogan and Keith Mathers attended PGSS in 1997, and were both TAs in 2002 and 2003.  Having been married in 2007, they now live in Philadelphia.  Beverly is a Veterinarian, and Keith is an Ophthalmologist.  They recently welcomed a baby boy to their family.

Tammy Stolz, class of 1997 and Matt Solitro, class of 1992, were both also PGSS TAs.  They are now married, working as physicians, and are pictured on the right with their two handsome boys!

Nick Fitzkee and Jennifer Davis, class of 1996

Kelly Perry and Matt Leerberg were in the PGSS class of 1995.  They were both TAs in 1998 and 1999, and were married in 2000.  They are pictured on the left with their children Gabriel, Mirella, and Quincy.

Heather Rowell Michalak and Phillip Michalak, of the class of 1993, were married in 2002. 

Rick Romero and Jennifer Pietruska, class of 1991


Dan Yocum and Karen Cross, pictured to the right, met during the summer of 1989 at PGSS!

Jamie Cannone and Diane McMahon, class of 1988

Shawn Hernan and Karen Yesko, class of 1983

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