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Alumni Interviews

PGSS alumni make an impact in a variety of professions and endeavors, including law, science, medicine, business, education, and the creative arts. They are often leaders and innovators in their fields. Here are some alumni stories captured through interviews by fellow alumni. 

Thanks to Joe Suyama (PGSS 1989) for organizing these interviews.  If you are interested in interviewing, or being interviewed, please leave a comment below.

Diya Das (PGSS 1999) - Encouragement to Explore and Discover

John Paul (PGSS 2002, TA 2005-07) - People-focused Technology

Alexander Laun (PGSS 2006) - Naval Architecture
Laura Babcock
(PGSS 1999) - Neuroscience Research in Europe

Anna Li (PGSS 2016) - Teamwork and Trust

Megan Ginter (PGSS 1998) - Game Production Philosophy
Ed Feng (PGSS 1994, TA 1999) - Analytics in Sports

Dana Boyd (PGSS 1995) - Channeling to Make Positive Change

Thad Starner (PGSS 1986) - Contextual Computing