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In addition to ensuring that another generation of students get to experience PGSS, we also want to make sure that PGSS continues to be valuable to its alumni. We are therefore working to form a thriving alumni network.

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Fun Facts:
  •   PGSS Alumni College Choice:  List of the top six undergraduate schools attended by PGSS alumni (based on available information for 1820 alumni prior to 2009).

Undergraduate                                                 # PGSS                                 Percentage                        

School                                                                  Students                              of sample           

Penn State                                                                              170                                                  9.3%

Carnegie Mellon                                                                    157                                                  8.6%

MIT                                                                                          135                                                  7.4%

University of Pennsylvania                                                  132                                                  7.3%

Harvard                                                                                   129                                                  7.1%

Princeton                                                                                112                                                  6.2%

Total                                              835                                45.9%

  • 100% go to college
  • 93% pursue careers in STEM fields
  • 86% earn post-graduate degrees (MS...)
  • 60% earn highest degrees (PhD, MD, etc)
  • There were 43 alumni mentoring PGSS 2014 alumni; 41 with PGSS 2015 alumni.


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