How do I donate sums greater than $10,000?

Because the maximum one time sum transferable via Paypal is $10,000, gifts greater than this amount are most easily received through check or wire transfer. Please contact us for additional options. Because Paypal charges a ~2% fee for non-profits, checks are the best way to donate. Checks may be sent to PGSS Campaign at 161 West Hills Drive, Williamsport, PA 17701.

Are recognitions limited to PGSS alumni?

All donors will be equally eligible for all honors.

What is the best way to donate?

Because Paypal charges a ~2% fee for non-profits, checks are the best way to donate. Checks may be sent to PGSS Campaign at 161 West Hills Drive, Williamsport, PA 17701.

What happens to the received contributions if enough money is raised for the upcoming summer?  Will the money I contribute be rolled over to the following year?

When we meet our goal for the upcoming summer's program, we save money toward the next year's PGSS.  If it ever becomes apparent that we cannot continue to fund the program in the future, we would donate our funds to another worthy science-education nonprofit, such as the Carnegie Science Center in Pittsburgh. Hopefully this will never happen.

What’s the long term outlook for funding? Are alumni donations a sustainable method?

We currently need to average only $200 per alumnus per year. That is certainly a sustainable number. Put another way, Pennsylvania spent $4000 per alumnus to let each student attend PGSS for free. All we need is for the alumni to repay that debt over a 20-year period.

What about other sources of funding? Any chance of getting the state to re-fund the program?

We are actively searching for numerous other sources of funding. We are now in partnership with the state although the amount of their contribution is not guaranteed year to year.  We have secured several grants and are applying for other funding sources.

We are also looking into ways to lower the cost of running the program.

If you have any suggestions of potential funding sources, we'd love to hear from you! We also need volunteers to help contact the many relevant organizations.

What is your Employer Identification Number? What is an Employer Identification Number?

An Employer Identification Number is our official designation with the IRS. Our EIN is 27-3095103.

How can I help?

Lots of ways! We are always looking for more volunteers. Currently, we need volunteers for
  • Finding alumni
  • Planning reunions
  • Connecting us with grantors you may know and/or work with
  • Helping run this website (and other technological projects)
  • Fundraising, in many forms
  • Contacting legislators at both the state and national levels
Please contact Janet Hurwitz at janet.hurwitz@pgssalumni.org if you would like to get involved.

A strong showing of support is crucial to all these efforts. Donations, no matter how big or small, help us prove the value of PGSS. Testimonials are also invaluable, so, if you haven't done so already, submit yours today.

If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to contact us or send an email to alumniassoc@pgssalumni.org.